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1. Rules and Code of Conduct Consent


  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age and must be enrolled at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution.

  • All registered team members must be virtually present at the event, from opening to closing ceremonies.

  • Teams are allowed to use free libraries, frameworks or open-source code in their projects. If your team does utilize such resources, please indicate so in your comments or documentation. 

  • Bringing an already working prototype for the purpose of displaying it and using it for CANDEV is not allowed.

  • All work on the data challenge should be done at CANDEV. You are not allowed to start your project before the data challenge. However, appropriate planning and setup is encouraged.

  • Teams must stop working on their projects after submission is complete. Changes made after the submission deadline will not be considered as part of the team’s solution.

  • Participants and projects that violate the Code of Conduct are not permitted.

  • Teams can be disqualified from CANDEV at the discretion of the CANDEV team. Reasons for disqualification include but are not limited to breaking CANDEV rules, breaking the Code of Conduct, or other unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Code of Conduct

  • Students should conduct themselves professionally, respectfully and with integrity during the challenge.
  • Students should not engage in any verbal or physical behaviour that stigmatizes or victimizes an individual on the basis of race, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability.
  • Students should not engage in any behaviour that threatens or harms any individual involved in the CANDEV Data Challenge.
  • All decisions made by the judges are final; students should not approach the judges with questions, comments or concerns about the judging process, feedback or scoring of teams. Students can direct any questions, comments and concerns to: where an organizer will address them.
  • Statistics Canada shall not be liable for any actions of the participants.

I have read, understood and agree to abide by the rules governing the event and certify that all information contained in this completed entry form is true and accurate.

2. Intellectual Property Consent

I understand and agree that my project will be publicly saved in digital format, and that it could appear in special products developed by the Crown. I irrevocably grant the Government of Canada the right and permission to:

  1. publicly disclose and use my name, school of enrollment, and other information for promotional or other purposes, without compensation; and

  2. copy, modify, publish without any restrictions and use my project, as a result of the event, in whole or in part, without compensation.

The project will be originally and lawfully created by me and/or my team and the use, modification, publication or reproduction of the project by the Government of Canada will not give rise to any third party claims for infringement or violation of copyright, trademark or any other right of any third party, or to any third party claims including libel, defamation, violation of privacy or contract breach. I will obtain all necessary permissions, consents, licenses, or other approvals of third parties necessary or appropriate for the preparation or use of the project and such approvals will be enclosed. I release the Government of Canada from any liability in connection with my participation in this event, or the preparation or use of my or my team’s project and agree to indemnify the Government of Canada for any liability and all reasonable costs arising from any third party action, claim or proceeding commenced against the Government of Canada because of the project.

3. Video Consent

I also give my consent to Statistics Canada to post videos or photos of the event on which I could appear on Statistics Canada’s website, its social media accounts, and other channels.

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